The Final Fantasy – Beating Sephiroth

To get around Ruby weapon’s sand-whirl spell, you must go into battles with 2 characters dead. To do this the fastest way, use HPMP on the characters you want to kill and then enter a random battle and kill them.

Beating Sephiroth

Here is a good method to beating Sepheroth in the final battle:

First of all, make sure your characters have either Ribbons or Tetra Elementals equipped in battle.

1. Cast DeBarrier

2. Cast “Big Guard” enemy skill

3. Cast Regen

4. Cast Knights of Round

5. Cast Bahamut Zero (linked with quadra magic)

6. Mime it

7. Skip 2 characters and mime it again.

8. Use any other powerful attacks you have. Use your Limit breaks as much as possible. If any character dies, use phoenix to revive them.
Easy ways to level up on Disc 1

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Top Five Video Game Moments of 2012

While 2012 will most likely be remembered as the year of godawful endings, it’s fair to say it also had its share of highlights too. Whether they be emotionally charged, heart-warming, tear-jerking (the world didn’t end but we damn sure had a lot of video-game deaths) or even a combination of all three, come and relive some of the best gaming moments that 2012 had to offer.

Eve’s Speech – Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 will always be remembered for its infamous ending but there’s no denying the game had some standout moments. The Tuchanka Mission was without a doubt the high point of the game and provided two of the best moments of the year: one of them being Eve’s speech to the krogan (shouldn’t be too hard to guess the other one). The krogan are faced with the possibility of finally being cured of the genophage, which …

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