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Life Flows More Smoothly In House Shares With Bathroom Double Vanity Units

Student landlords, what is your biggest headache? Is it the noise caused by your tenants’ endless partying? Or is it the wear and tear inflicted on your once pristine homes? What about the arguments that you may find yourself mired in – from splitting the bills, to household chores?

But did you realize that one of the biggest areas of conflict for house shares is often the communal bathroom?

Whilst more student homes are increasingly coming with their own separate en suite facilities attached, this is not always possible, for logistical reasons. In short, there is not enough space in every multi occupancy residence for a bathroom for everyone. And even where they are possible, they are rarely big enough for everything.

Inevitably, a shared home still needs a shared bathroom. And the chances are it will still be the main room used by your tenants, even if they have an additional facility available to them.

But the bathroom is a major source of friction in any home. This goes doubly, or even trebly, when you factor in multiple occupants, not all of whom know each other, and who have also just left home for the first time! In fact, it is a powder keg for arguments!

In any shared house, there will be disputes, but as a landlord you want to make your tenants and your life easier by disaster planning for them early on. And a few simple changes to your home’s bathroom design could be one of the easiest ones to do.

Bathrooms and More Store’s Double Vanities as explained by its founder is the key to harmony in your communal student home is maintaining separate spheres.

Your tenants have been thrown in at the deep end, sharing with strangers. At the end of the day, no-one wants to feel like just another number or as if they don’t matter. But that can be a bit hard, when all too often the shared bathroom resembles something out of Prisoner Cell Block H!

Brutal lighting, whitewashed walls and chipped tiles can make the communal bathroom experience a grim ordeal for all concerned.

Landlords wishing to attract the luxury student market will realise they have to do more than provide the simple necessities. Maybe in the past, student homes were synonymous with tasteless hand basins and no mixer taps, but that simply won’t do any more.

But in addition to adjusting the décor, and the lighting, which at all times should be ambient and reflect a pleasant atmosphere, there is something else that can be done.

A shared bathroom calls for a double vanity unit. It may seem a little odd to consider it, but your students may well be happy enough to share space in the morning, for tasks such as brushing teeth. It can certainly cut down on arguments about bathroom queues!

Even when privacy is required, a washroom fitted with a bathroom double vanity unit can still transform the communal space. Instantly, it has gone from being a free for all, with no space for individuality, into something which can be personalised.

Give each member of your mixed occupancy flat a place to hang their toothbrush mug and you have immediately created order out of chaos.

Depending on the unit chosen, you can have shelving, or cupboards, which may be made lockable. They are also available in wide range of materials, including oak and stone. This can suit every possible taste – and price range!

And it is not just the storage space that they bring. Bathroom double vanity units can give a sense of privacy to their ablutions and will help your tenants to feel truly at home in their new accommodation. All this and they ensure that mornings run smoothly. What’s not to like about that?

Using a Reliable Logistics Service in the Philippines

There are so many service providers out there offering a delivery service in the Philippines. These couriers will be offering you many different packages that you will find appealing. It can be a challenge to figure out who is offering the best service. The truth is that your choice will go a long way towards determining how your company is perceived by the target market. When you are centering your business around getting packages to people on time, you have to ensure that you are partnering with the best courier in your area.

A company such as Transportify has a stellar reputation when it comes to logistics and courier services. The company makes it easy for you to request services when you are wanting to set up a delivery. If it is a one off request, it is so easy to go onto the website or app and file the application. It takes a few minutes and you will know automatically when your request has gone through. If you are setting up a regular feed of trucks going to various locations, you will also be able to do that online. Then you will know that each day at the same time, a truck will arrive to pick up the items that you are delivering around the city.

There are numerous features that matter when you are partnering with a logistics company. The first is that you are getting a wide service area. Working in the Philippines means that you are targeting customers throughout the country, not just Manila and surrounding areas. It is why you will want a company that has a platform to get deliveries done throughout the country. Then you will have peace of mind that regardless of where your customers live, you can get the products delivered to them within a few days.

The second feature that you will want to see from a delivery company is a low price. It is such a competitive market these days. It appears that everyone wants to start their own courier service at the rate these companies are popping up! But you do not care about how many people are starting businesses. What you care about is the rate that you will be paying for a delivery service. When you are quoted affordable rates, you get to pass those on to your customers. You are making a profit on the products you are selling, not delivery. It is why a low delivery cost helps your business.

A top logistics company such as Transportify also ensures that you are getting the best and most reliable drivers. Any logistics service is only as good as the people that are driving trucks. You must know that you are putting your products in the hands of people who know what they are doing. People who will know the routes, drive safely and make sure that every package is being put in the correct place. Drivers who can interact with commercial and residential customers in a polite way.

We believe that it is best for you to scope out all the top providers of logistics services in your area, such as Transportify. When you have an idea about the services and prices offered by each company, you will be able to decide on the one that is best for your needs. Do not rush into any decision. It is always better to take your time so that you are finding the very best fit for your business. Then you will know that you are entering into a long term partnership that will be fruitful for both parties.

Everything You Should Know About Buying Expired Domain

Maintaining a commercial presence on the Internet is a must in our century, but when it comes to getting a domain, everything becomes complicated. What if you see that the domain you want is already taken? Well, you’ll have to find another domain that suits your business, sadly enough. But what if you see that the domain you want is expired? Before you decide on buying expiring domains, there’s a couple things you need to know.

Reasons Why You Definitely Should Get an Expired Domain

Many people choose to get expired domain names when they work on their PBN setup. A private blog network, abbreviated PBN, is a network of sites that reference each other or a single “money” site in order to manipulate search engine results. If you need a quick site domain for a PBN, expired domain names are some of the best locations to build a site that is credible and affordable. Building a strong network can take you months, even if you work with other people. Expired domain names can speed up the process and make it more fruitful. Here are some important things to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a custom domain.

  • Age matters.
    When you’re getting a domain name, its age really matters. Expired names (or names that will expire soon) will allow you to rank higher faster in Google and you won’t have to wait long to get to the top result page. So if you decide to get one, try to find a name registered 3-4 years ago.
  • You are getting a free
    Most expired domain names actually have some (not much) traffic, which could potentially help you immediately.
  • You actually get a free
    Reputation is something websites have to struggle to get, but a high DA PBN domain will likely already have an Alexa rank or a Google rank and it will be much easier to solidify your reputation around that.
  • You’ll have to add back links.
    Your private blog network setup won’t take as long if you actually already have some back links existing. Later, you will still have to work on those, adding new ones, but it’s a good start.
  • You might eliminate the Sandbox effect.
    Because of good, old content or an older domain, you might avoid the Sandbox effect, an algorithm employed by Google that sometimes filters out new sites. Though this could very well be a myth, many users worry and struggle with it.

A Few Cons of Buying an Expired Name

There are also many downsides in this area, and many people are choosing to turn to a pbn building service or to spend months building a network themselves instead of buying expired domains.

  • It might not work as well as it sounds.
    There are many things you don’t know about the previous owner of that domain name, so you might be blacklisted on major search engines, or flagged as a suspicious site.
  • Your traffic might be bot traffic.
    You never know what the domain name might have been used for in the past. The traffic you could get from that domain might be coming from an ex-spam site, or even might be bot traffic.
  • It’s costly.
    The cost is not only the amount you pay in an auction but also the time you have to wait for the domain. Some people have to wait up to 2 months when the auction just starts to get a domain name.

Things You Have to Check to Eliminate Your Risks

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure your domain is safe and will do you more good than bad. You should check statistics and history of your domain before you decide to make a purchase.

  • Check your Domain Authority (DA) score.
    You can usually check it on the website Moz. Try to aim higher than 25, as this will be the best option for you. You should also check the Page Authority (PA), and try to keep it above 25 as well.
  • Check the site’s archive.
    This could tell you a lot about the previous owner and may serve you even better than rankings. It will allow you to make sure that the owner wasn’t doing anything that could generate negative reputation, and will also show you how that site looked in the past.
  • Make sure it’s not banned.
    Even if your DA and PA are very high, you still have to make sure that this domain name is not banned from search engines. There is always a chance that Google will review its ban and will take your domain out of its blacklist, but that can take a very long time.
  • Check fake PR.
    It’s really easy to mess with the PR ranks and you’ll find plenty of websites with fake ranks. There are services that will allow you to check that, so you won’t waste your money on a fraudulently rated domain.

Overall, there are pros and cons to getting an expired domain. It could be an amazing option if you’re not sure how to setup a PBN to make your website successful very quickly. But you can avoid risk, wasted time, and money if you’re careful and check out the background and history of the site and its previous owners before getting an expired domain name. You can also check on some private blog network for sale from reputation seller.

Why Landlord Should Install LEDs

As a landlord, you may have only being thinking in basic terms about the lighting. You simply supply it and that is that.

Maybe, you have got as far as thinking about the aesthetics. Maybe in the hallway some inbouw LED spotjes or inbouw spots, which are built-in spots lights and throw some light, literally, into your dark vestibules and entrance ways.

You probably appreciate the need to keep your properties well lit, especially from the outside and may have some LED inbouwspotjes  LED fittings externally, to help prevent burglaries.

However, only having one or two LED bulbs installed here or there, is not taking full advantage of the benefits that LED can bring.

Are you providing electricity all in with your rent? Because if you are, then you really need to switch your lights over to inbouwspotjes LED to save today.

  • Did you know that your LED bulb could expect to live up to 100,000 hours of life?

They could last for eleven years of continuous use! And even longer, given that you hope your tenants are going to remember to turn them off occasionally!

Whichever way you look at it, the lifespan of a standard LED – whether it is badkamer spotjes or LED inbouwspots 230v will far outlast both incandescent bulbs and CFLs.

  • The main reason for landlords considering the switch to LEDs is, of course, the great energy efficiency they provide. This translates into pounds of savings for yourself, if you are footing the bill, or for your tenants, making the property more attractive to rent. Either way, bringing down the lighting costs is a win win for all involved!

An LED bulb uses nearly all of its power to create light, unlike a traditional bulb, which wastes a huge 80% on creating heat. This adds up a lot over the months and years!

  • LEDs are hardwearing. For somewhere like a student house, this will be good news for landlords.

You are always on the lookout for something hardwearing and durable and that can take the knocks and shakes that it is inevitably going to get, in rented accommodation.

As far as any light bulb is shock resistant, LEDs top the tree of the scale.

They are less affected by vibrations and movement.

They also are great for outdoor lighting, as they are less affected by extremes of heat and cold and wet weather conditions.

Being resilient is also good news for the bathroom. Although care still needs to be taken that these are specific inbouwspots LED badkamer and are properly designed built-in bathroom LED lights.

  • LEDs do not need time to “warm up” like some other forms of energy saving bulbs. They can be turned on and off as many times as you like, without significantly impacting on the lifespan of the bulb in any way and this is something that can’t be said for all other types of bulb.
  • LEDs can also be made to work with the dimmer switch – something that did not always happen too successfully in years gone by.

Unbelievably, even bathroom LEDs can be made dimmable – if you install the right ones – dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer for example.

And why might you want your bathroom spots lights LED dimmable? Well apart from contributing greatly to the overall ambience in the bathroom, making the whole room much more attractive, there is the obvious reason that if the lights are being dimmed, at least some of the time, you save even more money on energy bills.

There are many reasons to install LEDs in your rental properties. To create a more homely, soft and layered look to your lighting. To render the properties more attractive and ultimately more modern to your tenants.

And then there are the environmental reasons, which we haven’t even begun to touch upon.

But you might find that you install them simply for their money saving benefits!