Why Landlord Should Install LEDs

As a landlord, you may have only being thinking in basic terms about the lighting. You simply supply it and that is that.

Maybe, you have got as far as thinking about the aesthetics. Maybe in the hallway some inbouw LED spotjes or inbouw spots, which are built-in spots lights and throw some light, literally, into your dark vestibules and entrance ways.

You probably appreciate the need to keep your properties well lit, especially from the outside and may have some LED inbouwspotjes  LED fittings externally, to help prevent burglaries.

However, only having one or two LED bulbs installed here or there, is not taking full advantage of the benefits that LED can bring.

Are you providing electricity all in with your rent? Because if you are, then you really need to switch your lights over to inbouwspotjes LED to save today.

  • Did you know that your LED bulb could expect to live up to 100,000 hours of life?

They could last for eleven years of continuous use! And even longer, given that you hope your tenants are going to remember to turn them off occasionally!

Whichever way you look at it, the lifespan of a standard LED – whether it is badkamer spotjes or LED inbouwspots 230v will far outlast both incandescent bulbs and CFLs.

  • The main reason for landlords considering the switch to LEDs is, of course, the great energy efficiency they provide. This translates into pounds of savings for yourself, if you are footing the bill, or for your tenants, making the property more attractive to rent. Either way, bringing down the lighting costs is a win win for all involved!

An LED bulb uses nearly all of its power to create light, unlike a traditional bulb, which wastes a huge 80% on creating heat. This adds up a lot over the months and years!

  • LEDs are hardwearing. For somewhere like a student house, this will be good news for landlords.

You are always on the lookout for something hardwearing and durable and that can take the knocks and shakes that it is inevitably going to get, in rented accommodation.

As far as any light bulb is shock resistant, LEDs top the tree of the scale.

They are less affected by vibrations and movement.

They also are great for outdoor lighting, as they are less affected by extremes of heat and cold and wet weather conditions.

Being resilient is also good news for the bathroom. Although care still needs to be taken that these are specific inbouwspots LED badkamer and are properly designed built-in bathroom LED lights.

  • LEDs do not need time to “warm up” like some other forms of energy saving bulbs. They can be turned on and off as many times as you like, without significantly impacting on the lifespan of the bulb in any way and this is something that can’t be said for all other types of bulb.
  • LEDs can also be made to work with the dimmer switch – something that did not always happen too successfully in years gone by.

Unbelievably, even bathroom LEDs can be made dimmable – if you install the right ones – dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer for example.

And why might you want your bathroom spots lights LED dimmable? Well apart from contributing greatly to the overall ambience in the bathroom, making the whole room much more attractive, there is the obvious reason that if the lights are being dimmed, at least some of the time, you save even more money on energy bills.

There are many reasons to install LEDs in your rental properties. To create a more homely, soft and layered look to your lighting. To render the properties more attractive and ultimately more modern to your tenants.

And then there are the environmental reasons, which we haven’t even begun to touch upon.

But you might find that you install them simply for their money saving benefits!

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