Life Flows More Smoothly In House Shares With Bathroom Double Vanity Units

Student landlords, what is your biggest headache? Is it the noise caused by your tenants’ endless partying? Or is it the wear and tear inflicted on your once pristine homes? What about the arguments that you may find yourself mired in – from splitting the bills, to household chores?

But did you realize that one of the biggest areas of conflict for house shares is often the communal bathroom?

Whilst more student homes are increasingly coming with their own separate en suite facilities attached, this is not always possible, for logistical reasons. In short, there is not enough space in every multi occupancy residence for a bathroom for everyone. And even where they are possible, they are rarely big enough for everything.

Inevitably, a shared home still needs a shared bathroom. And the chances are it will still be the main room used by your tenants, even if they have an additional facility available to them.

But the bathroom is a major source of friction in any home. This goes doubly, or even trebly, when you factor in multiple occupants, not all of whom know each other, and who have also just left home for the first time! In fact, it is a powder keg for arguments!

In any shared house, there will be disputes, but as a landlord you want to make your tenants and your life easier by disaster planning for them early on. And a few simple changes to your home’s bathroom design could be one of the easiest ones to do.

Bathrooms and More Store’s Double Vanities as explained by its founder is the key to harmony in your communal student home is maintaining separate spheres.

Your tenants have been thrown in at the deep end, sharing with strangers. At the end of the day, no-one wants to feel like just another number or as if they don’t matter. But that can be a bit hard, when all too often the shared bathroom resembles something out of Prisoner Cell Block H!

Brutal lighting, whitewashed walls and chipped tiles can make the communal bathroom experience a grim ordeal for all concerned.

Landlords wishing to attract the luxury student market will realise they have to do more than provide the simple necessities. Maybe in the past, student homes were synonymous with tasteless hand basins and no mixer taps, but that simply won’t do any more.

But in addition to adjusting the décor, and the lighting, which at all times should be ambient and reflect a pleasant atmosphere, there is something else that can be done.

A shared bathroom calls for a double vanity unit. It may seem a little odd to consider it, but your students may well be happy enough to share space in the morning, for tasks such as brushing teeth. It can certainly cut down on arguments about bathroom queues!

Even when privacy is required, a washroom fitted with a bathroom double vanity unit can still transform the communal space. Instantly, it has gone from being a free for all, with no space for individuality, into something which can be personalised.

Give each member of your mixed occupancy flat a place to hang their toothbrush mug and you have immediately created order out of chaos.

Depending on the unit chosen, you can have shelving, or cupboards, which may be made lockable. They are also available in wide range of materials, including oak and stone. This can suit every possible taste – and price range!

And it is not just the storage space that they bring. Bathroom double vanity units can give a sense of privacy to their ablutions and will help your tenants to feel truly at home in their new accommodation. All this and they ensure that mornings run smoothly. What’s not to like about that?

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