Ten Unexpected Ways To Enjoy Matcha Tea

One of the joys of matcha tea is its ability to surprise us with all the forms it can take.

Because, like a chameleon, matcha tea can fit into any foodstuff. With an uncanny knack of re-inventing itself to whatever flavor takes the mood, it can do one hell of a lot more than just appear in your morning brew.

Here’s a rundown of the surprising things you can do with matcha tea.


Coffee lovers will be surprised to note that cappuccinos and lattes are not the only milky kids in town. Now it is possible to have a latte of another sort – one containing matcha tea.

Making your own is as easy as can be – or as hard as you want to make it!


Okay, so you probably heard about matcha cupcakes. Everywhere you look, there are delectable looking green things, each with a more extravagant topping than the previous one.

If you find the taste of matcha tea on its own just too bitter, then we would definitely recommend baking a matcha cupcake. The sugar and butter will beautifully offset the sharp elements in the matcha.

Eating them instead of drinking it still gives all the associated health benefits you are after – all wrapped into a delicious cupcake!

And they’re easy to make. So try them!


That’s right. Matcha wine is actually a thing. Admittedly, somewhat of a rare thing. In fact, we have only managed to find one purveyor of this gourmet item. Sadly, you will have to trek to Japan if you want a glass, though.

However, there are any number of bars and establishments in the United States selling matcha tea wine infusions – and they are strangely addictive too!


A delicious matcha chocolate liquor comes from Japanese maker Itohkyuemon and needs to be tried!


With its earthy taste, matcha is the perfect ingredient to put into a homemade soup.

There are many recipes out there for a variety of matcha soups. We like the vegetarian ones best, which use only the simplest ingredients. Although you can make them as rich or as basic as you like.


The bitterness of the matcha tea is offset beautifully by the total immersion in sugar and the soft caresses of dairy.

You might be surprised at just how much you end up liking matcha tea icecream – we were!


The seemingly never ending march of Pique Tea matcha knows no bounds and the green powdery stuff has even inveigled its way into pasta now.

Make your own if you feel adventurous (and have the time, the ability and the confidence to make your own noodles).

Alternatively cheat and buy them online here: https://uk.everythingfrom.jp/category/select/pid/12824?utm_source=pla&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=uk_google_shopping_201809&utm_content=uk_google_shopping_v12345678_201809


From the makers of the matcha wine and matcha chocolate liquor, comes the matcha sake.

Perhaps inevitable, given its Japanese roots, there is something reassuringly authentic about matcha sake.


Sounding like something out of the lab of a mad scientist, we say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Check out the recipe found below – it is certainly one way to enliven a basic chicken curry! http://cookingwithjapanesegreentea.blogspot.com/2011/10/matcha-green-curry.html


Matcha tea does not always need to be eaten! You can also get the associated health properties of the stuff by simply applying it directly to the skin.

As the tea is already ground up into a fine powder, you are already halfway there with the raw ingredients for a matcha face mask or cleanser!

Matcha acts as a gentle astringent, closing pores and limiting oil production.

It can also be used to treat acne and redness.

If you have any more unusual uses for matcha tea, let us know about them – we’d love to hear from you!

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